Welcome to the official site of MB-ULO

The MB-ULO was found as Bereczky Műszaki Kereskedés (Bereczky Technical Business) in 1991. The name was changed in 1998 when the main profile of the firm became Besseling ULO introduction and installation. Since then MB-ULO has built a number of new ULO and normal cold stores. Besides this the company also deals with already installed cold store and ULO structures maintainment and fixture.

The ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen), means long term storage in a low oxygen environment.

The point in ULO storing is to decrease the inhailment of fruit and vegetables. In this way the the product may be stored longer.

MB-ULO also sells, installs and maintains vegetable peeling, - slicer and - packing machines and combined structures.